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Sasha McCoy Freelancer – Spring 2013

Sasha McCoy Freelancer (Front Cover)
Misery. That’s what Sasha McCoy knew as a child. The streets were her first mother. Her birth mother was a coked-out junkie who had no idea which john fathered her daughter. Determined not to be like her mother, she got her hustle on while bouncing from one foster home to the next. That is, until the Queen B named Deana McWhorter rescued her from the streets and put her on a path of salvation.

Betrayal. A mission goes wrong. While assigned to take out three terrorists on the most wanted list, other Company operatives are killed. Is Sasha McCoy to blame? Death by ambush. The woman who saved a young girl and claimed her as a daughter is brutally killed in her home. Sadness. Someone must pay for the new misery in Sasha McCoy’s life. Vengeance. Now an assassin for the CIA, Sasha McCoy has a new task—clearing her name and seeking revenge for her mother. Was her last mission sanctioned or unsanctioned? Did her handler at the CIA set her up as a rogue agent? Was her uncle involved in her mother’s death? Are both cases related?

Sasha McCoy, Freelancer, will take you on a wild ride inside the mind of a female operative. Raised in a world of pimps, whores and players, she goes from orphan to CIA assassin to a woman out for vengeance and redemption. Classified as a rogue operative, she must now face her weaknesses and demons while simultaneously clearing her name and delivering those who killed Deana McWhorter to justice. The only justice she knows—death.

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