A Moment of Justice, a Lifetime of Vengeance

41OTsqltREL._SL500_AA300_Thirty years ago, on a moonlit night in the great state of Alabama, fifteen teenagers dance and celebrate their victorious moment, righting a wrong for the Old South. It’s a moment that may change the lives of not only the fifteen teenagers, but also many others.

Thirty years later, someone is seeking revenge for the death of a loved one. Presidential hopeful, Senator Bobby Cowens of Alabama, is found dead in an elegant hotel in the nation’s capital, his throat slit and a photograph attached to his right ear with a pocketknife—a photograph of fifteen teenagers and a lynched Black man in the background. Eight of the faces are x’ed out in black ink, and Senator Cowens’ face is x’ed out in his own blood, possibly the ninth victim to die at the hands of the Moonlight Killer.

John A. Wooden’s novel, A Moment of Justice, A Lifetime of Vengeance, introduces the world to Kenny “KC” Carson, the FBI’s best crime fighter. Although known for his ability to solve the most difficult cases, KC may be in over his head as he must deal with the recent loss of his sister, ghosts of past tragedies and solve a case that smells of past discrimination and stereotypes.

In a race against time, KC and his team are tasked to solve a troubling bureau’s most difficult and disturbing case in years—a case that involves his old college nemesis, an old girlfriend, and his mentor, the Deputy Director of the FBI, Elliot Lucas.

KC must answer questions like, Is the senator’s death connected to the string of murders and are the murders a case of revenge? and Can he save and protect those who would have killed him in a different day and time?

In possibly his last case with the FBI, KC must set aside personal feelings and loyalties, and face the horrific past of discrimination and hatred, and silence voices of yesterday. As the Bureau’s best agent and his team attempt to connect the x’ed out faces in the photograph to the senator’s death, they must recreate the events of thirty years ago and delve into the deep recesses of the criminal mind.

In a nonstop thriller, that merges the past and present, KC and his cohorts will travel from D.C. to Alabama to the Bay Area to solve the unsolvable and put another case to rest.

Prepare yourself for a suspenseful and intriguing page-turner as John Wooden explores the minds of men in his thought-provoking novel of mystery and revenge.

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