An Eye for a Deadly Eye

41O8QQMSWPL._SL500_AA300_Twelve years ago, Special Agent Steve Carson was one of many agents who died at the hands of the group called Just Cause. Their cause, to kill as many agents as possible, in the name of justice.

Today, Just Cause is back and once again, they are killing agents of the nation’s lead investigative bureau, the FBI. Their first two targets are Steve’s old partners at the Bureau. After his last case, former Bureau agent, Kenny “KC” Carson, walked away, put his gun down for good and vowed never to return to fighting crime. But, can he pass up the only reason he became an agent and get revenge on the group that killed his brother?

In a case where undesirable alliances are formed, secrets are revealed and lines of good and evil are crossed, KC will reluctantly don his gun again and seek revenge. He will encounter a Bureau like he has never seen before and face the toughest challenges he has ever faced as an agent.

Hold on to your seat, as this case will match the wits of Deputy Director Elliot Lucas and ‘The Boss’, the leader of Just Cause. In the end, KC will learn how deep the forces of evil run.


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